About Us

A family business, with father, son, and grandson

H. Wijnhout & Son is a family business with 3 generations: Father, Son, and Grandson. Henk Wijnhout founded this company on March 1, 1969 in Lisserbroek. The 2nd generation Rien Wijnhout soon joined. The company is now located in Hillegom and the 3rd generation Stefan Wijnhout has joined.

We grow ±25 hectares of Double Daffodils, Tulips, and Single Daffodils.

Our specialty are the Double Daffodils. Of these we grow ±30 exclusive varieties. In addition, we grow a beautifully selected range of Tulips and an extensive range of Single Daffodils.

Our main production is for the bulb. In addition to this production, we pick tulips from the open ground in the spring and in the winter we grow daffodils in our greenhouses.

H. Wijnhout & Zoon guarantees excellent quality of our cultivation and picking.

Our Generations

H. Wijnhout & Zoon

Henk Wijnhout
1st Generation
06 54741765

H. Wijnhout & Zoon

Rien Wijnhout
2nd Generation
06 22650048

H. Wijnhout & Zoon

Stefan Wijnhout
3rd Generation
06 83969863