H. Wijnhout & Zoon
Hyacinthenlaan 14-A
2182 DE Hillegom
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Call us: 06 - 5474 1765

The company

H. Wijnhout & Zoon started as a company on 1 March 1969.
We are a family business, with father and son and  cultivate 25 hectare daffodils and tulips.
The last few years we have specialized in double daffodils.
Besides the double daffodils, we also cultivate single daffodils and tulips.
In addition to the cultivation of bulbs, we pluck tulips from the open ground in the spring and in the winter we brew daffodils in the greenhouses.
H. Wijnhout & Zoon is by the cultivation and the plucking guarantied for outstanding quality.